Top of the table clash crucial for both Railway Union & Carlow this Sunday

By Michael O’Leary

Railway Union Rugby Head Coach Mike South says Sunday’s top of the table Leinster League clash away to County Carlow is very important to win and have momentum and confidence going into the Christmas Break.

Speaking to KCLR, Mike says they are going to have to work hard to win against a very good team.

“Well, it’s very important for our confidence that we are going into it top of the table at the Christmas Break and that will gives us great confidence and keep the lads training hard over the Christmas looking forward to the start of the New Year, but it isn’t the be all and end all.

“One side wins, their are still only 4 points in it, but I would much prefer for Railway to be sitting pretty on top at Christmas and having the other teams looking up at us rather than the other way around, but it will be a tight game, Carlow are a very good side and I am sure whoever wins will have to work hard to get there,” he said.