Thomastown Captain says work rate was key to their Leinster title defence

Thomastown Senior Camogie Captain Jenny Reddy says the work-rate during the 2nd half was an important feature in defending Sunday’s Leinster Senior title

Speaking to KCLR Jenny says they thought they would still hang on even when St. Martins grabbed a late late goal, and that they never panicked at any stage.

“Yeah, I did to be honest (always believed) because even though they were coming back at us. Like it has happened in other games and we seem to always to be able to just up it that little bit at the end and hold onto it.

“Last year, we went through games where the other team came back at us and maybe went ahead and we always had something left in the tank and we were able to pull back that bit at the very end.

“The one thing that we focus a lot on on training, is our workrate. We know we have some really talented players, but talent means nothing unless you are going to work hard so that’s what we do, that’s what we go out aiming to do in every game, work hard and it’s got us over the line the last few weeks over the line,” she said.