The Finnish Finisher Skrabb proves to be the fire that melted Iceland

Finland have scored four in every game they played in this competition

Iceland were largely tipped to win the Eurovision this year, with the hugely catchy “Think about things”. That was until the singing competition was cancelled, leaving this as Icelands only chance at European glory. Finland of course have previously tasted eurovision success with heavy metal band, Lordi. That was ages ago 2006 to be precise, so they were obviously eager for success, especially considering this is their first ever European championship.

Skrabb put the Huuhkajat (The Eagle Owls) ahead as StrĂ¡karnir Okkar (Our Boys) struggled to get a foothold in the game. Kamara with a wonderfully paced pass, that found it way to Skrabb through a crowded Icelandic defence. The ball was neatly put into the bottom left corner and Finland were one up.

Seemingly bereft of ideas, Iceland coasted by not really providing any attacking threat to Finland. Before we knew it Finland took advantage of a struggling Iceland, that man again, Skrabb, proving to be absolutely clinical infront of goal. His second of the game and seventh of the tournament, was not enough for the man who plays for Italian Serie A side Brescia. He wanted a hat-trick and before half time he got it. A wayward pass by Skulason was pounced on by the Finnish finisher. Going into half time what more could manager Paul Bergin want.

The second half was a meandering affair. Both sides seems to know there fate going forward, with neither doing much to try the scoreline. Pukki did add a fourth in injury time to keep up the new tradition of Finland scoring four goals every game.

Speaking to KCLR after the game Finland manager Paul Bergin said of their chances “This could be a true underdog story”

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