St Senan’s Chairperson Williams says Sunday’s event is good prep for Championship

The event is classed as an open event

St. Senan’s Athletic Club Chairperson Perri Williams says they are one of few clubs that still have an open event.

The Kilmacow club host their annual Cross-Country event on Sunday.

Speaking to KCLR, Perri says that clubs are still recognizing the importance of getting a run in before the County Championships.

“When I was running myself, we used to have Cross-Country before Christmas and after Christmas.

“Now everything has to be held between the end of September and the first week in December so it means that everything is on top of you and there is very little room for any other events other than Championships.

“So we are one of the few clubs that still has an open event and people recognize that and recognize the importance of getting a run in before you actually do your Championships.

“Athletes know where they are at that stage, they know if they are running as well as last year or they think are running as well in training, it confirms that they are or perhaps they are not,” she said.

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