St Senans Athletic Club ready for Easter Monday Track and Field event

St. Senans Athletic Club Chairperson Perri Williams says the annual Track and Field Open Sports held on Easter Monday is the perfect event for kids starting out in the sport.

Speaking to KCLR ahead of next Monday’s event, Perri says that it’s perfect competition for Athletes ahead of the upcoming County Championships.

“We offer a plethora of events right from the normal sprinting, long distance to some of the throws and the jumps as well as the traditional relays to round off the event so there is quite a fair for everybody and particularly very very good for kids who are maybe starting out in Athletics and don’t know where there niche is yet.

“Kids up to 14 shouldn’t have a niche anyhow, they should experiment with all events and even for the seasoned athletes who have maybe medaled at National Championships already, it’s good for them to kind of get in a run, see where they are at for the season and build upon their training for that.”