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VIDEO: Revisiting Kittens To Cats In Full (All 6 Episodes)

As we approach the end of 2015, we’re looking back at one of the most enjoyable mini series we’ve run on air in Kittens To Cats.

If you missed it earlier this year, the run-in to the 2015 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Final between Kilkenny and Galway was marked by Kittens To Cats, an on-air and online series in which we pitted the six senior hurling retirees of 2014/15 from Kilkenny against junior members of their home club – and in some cases, family.

Our thanks again to David Herity, Taggy Fogarty, JJ Delaney, Brian Hogan, Tommy Walsh and Henry Shefflin for getting involved and being such good sports about it.

Granted, we didn’t make up or set the questions to hats off to Darragh Lyons, Cormac Joyce, Cathal Phelan, Ruairi Hanrahan, Tommy Holmes and Sadhbh Shefflin for their grilling of their hurling heroes.

David Herity vs Darragh Lyons

Heading into 2016, David Herity takes up a position with the Dublin camogie setup but in September he was put to the test by his nephew, Darragh Lyons who (at the surprise of his teammates) manages to leave the former Kilkenny shotstopper speechless.

Aidan Fogarty vs Cormac Joyce

Emeralds clubman and multiple All-Ireland winner Aidan ‘Taggy’ Fogarty met his match in Cormac Joyce in the second of our Kittens To Cats features.

JJ Delaney vs Cathal Phelan

Once he got through his hurling questions and pried the career of JJ Delaney open, Cathal Phelan had only one mystery that needed solving. Was Joe Canning doing a line with “the blonde one” on Sky Sports?

Brian Hogan vs Ruairi Hanrahan

Brian Hogan was gunning for a county medal in September and it almost went his way with O’Loughlin Gaels only for his brother Keith to lift the cup for Clara in November. How did he get on in the studio at All-Ireland time?

Tommy Walsh vs Tommy Holmes

Tommy Holmes had the backing of the entire village of Tullaroan when it came to putting the questions to 9-time All-Ireland winner Tommy Walsh in the penultimate installment of Kittens To Cats.

Henry Shefflin vs Sadhbh Shefflin

He departed the Kilkenny senior hurling setup with a press conference in March, he launched his best-selling autobiography in September of this year but ahead of the All-Ireland, it was his own daughter Sadhbh that put Henry Shefflin to the test.

Kittens To Cats will be broadcast on air again on New Years Eve morning between 11am and 12pm as part of our end of year sports review on KCLR. Listen below to the full clips.

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