Rathvilly making sure the bodies are right ahead of County Final replay with Eire Og

Rathvilly joint manager Sean Cavanagh says preparations are more about recovery rather than getting any serious training done in the build-up to Sunday’s County Senior Final replay against Eire Og.

Speaking to KCLR ahead of Sunday’s game, Sean it’s all about the squad dealing with the mental preparation….

“It’s going well. Just trying to recover from the first day really most of last week and then get a bit of work done this week so that’s the way the preparations have been going”

“I think it’s more about recovery than getting any serious work done at this stage of the season”

“It’s just about getting lads back fit and healthy and getting ready to go again for the replay. I suppose it’s trying to get lads heads ready as well. The mental preparation as much as the physical preparation”