Power questions why Centre of Excellence isn’t used more often

Kilkenny played in Freshford last weekend

Former Kilkenny hurler John Power says that more matches should be played in the Centre of Excellence in Dunmore.

Kilkenny played Kildare in Freshford last Sunday as opposed to the MW Hire Training Centre.

John was speaking to KCLR ahead of Kilkenny’s Walsh Cup Semi Final against Offaly on Saturday, and says it’s a mystery why more games aren’t played there.

“I suppose the mystery of it is that like Offaly have a centre of excellence and Kilkenny have a wonderful facility over in Dunmore.

“They are gravel based pitches and they are good ground conditions and I dont’ no why we are not playing on these facilities.

“Why are the facilities been built when we are not going to use Astro Turf during the bad weather conditions? he ponders.

“The centre of excellence is now popular in every county and the pitches are good and we don’t seem to be getting in there to play on them,” he says.