Paulstowns Mick Lonergan happy with his drive at the Killarney Stages Rally

Paulstown Rally Mick Lonergan says it was a unique experience to compete in the Killarney Stages Rally.

Mick finished third in the event on Sunday, and he was delighted to have finished the event…..

“Now lucky enough there was no fog when we started up. Molls Gap for the first stage but yeah, the classic stages in Kerry is unreal”

“It’s the first rally that I ever competed on navigating and it was nice to go back and do it again so It was nice to go back and do it, finish it this time anyway”

“Yeah, it was lovely like. The first stage I ever done myself was Molls Gap the navigator, the first rally I ever done the first stage was Molls Gap”

“It wasn’t too bad now but it was nice to go back and do it again and to actually finish this time, we were happy enough but just even looking at them stages on youtube, to go on and do them, it’s lovely to do them like”