O’Neill feels scoring system in Boxing is unfair

By Michael O’Leary

Paulstown Boxing Club Head Coach Ollie O’Neill says the scoring system in the Amateur is completely unfair.

Speaking to KCLR, Ollie says that Shane Flavin was harshly treated in his National Cup defeat last weekend.

“Three judges had him (Shane Flavin) 30-27 down and the other two had him 30-27 up so how could you look at a fight that way.

“I think myself a lot of judges look for different things.

“This 10-9 system now for rounds seemed to be geared like professional Boxing. We prided ourselves in Paulstown for it.

“Most of our champions in the Championships like the O’Neills and Flavins, they all have won best Boxer awards in Irish Championships through their style and stuff but this new system doesn’t seem to suit that,” he said.

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