O’Neill doesn’t see Conor McGregor as a Sportsman

Paulstown based Boxer Darren O’Neill says that he doesn’t think Conor McGregor is a Sportsman.

Speaking to KCLR, Darren says that McGregor is more of an entertainer.

And he added that he was surprised with how Conor acquitted himself in the ring.

“I must say I was pleasantly surprised with how well he was able to box even though I knew he had a boxing background.

“Floyd Mayweather was just messing with him.

“Mayweather landed only 9 punches in the first three rounds which is unheard of and for the following rounds he fought with his hands up.

“People have gave out about Floyd Mayweather for years saying he’s a runner and that he avoids contact, but ya know what that’s been the skill of Floyd Mayweather for so long,” he said.

Darren said that he didn’t buy the pay per view or get up for it but obviously watched it back online the following day.

He has called Mcgregor an embarrassment on social media and agrees with Ewan McKenna’s opinion that he isn’t a working class hero.

There has been mixed views on McGrgegor from those in the media and indeed the people of Ireland but lots of former professional boxers have praised him on social media for his efforts in the ring at the weekend.