Official opening of Kilkenny Taekwondo club to take place on Saturday

The local Kilkenny Taekwondo Club and premises on Hebron Road became in a record time the National Chapter for Song Moo Kwan winning the title of the European Headquarters of this original Korean Taekwondo style of Martial Arts.

Guy Jones, himself an 8th Degree Black Belt has been teaching taekwondo in the City since 2003.

He was appointed President of the European Song Moo Kwan Association during the Conference held in the City in April 2016. Since then the Irish Chapter gained 19 affiliated Clubs in Nine Counties in Ireland raising the number of its members to 630 members.

And the association in Europe accounts to an excess of 7000 members in Seven European Countries such as Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Italy and Cyprus and in Two MENA Countries such as Lebanon and Morocco.

The Head Quarters being in Kilkenny is in itself a highly significant achievement particularly after competing with Frankfurt and Limassol on the title.

Each of the latter cities provides a multitude of opportunities. Among the events that are planned to take place are: Seminars, Championships, Grading, Conferences and training.

The Club in Kilkenny is open for all and caters for all ages to join. The benefits that it offers as an educational and Character building system out-weight the skills obtained as a Martial Art of a self defence mechanism.

The high standard of instruction is now available in Counties like Wexford, Wicklow, Tipperary, Westmeath, Louth, Meath and Dublin through top class Instructors and affiliates who joined the Organisation.

This Saturday the 16th of September many Club members, National Affiliates and Head Instructors will be joined by Sports and County Dignitaries to open the premises officially.

Irish Taekwondo enters a new era with this promising new centre of Excellence.