Newtown Blues Manager Phillips expects difficulty in breaking down Eire Og defence on Sunday

The Louth Champions will have to work against a tight defensive structure

Newtown Blues Senior Football manager Ronan Phillips says that Eire Og will be a step ahead from any of the teams they played in the Louth County Championship.

Speaking to KCLR ahead of Sunday’s game, Ronan says Eire Og’s defence will be hard to break down.

“Eire Og seem to use the same system (as Carlow) and use it very effectively.

“When you look at their scores throughout the Championship, it seems ultra effective because they are not conceding many scores in any game so it’s something we have to look towards.

“There’s a few teams in every county and certainly a few teams in our county that seem to play the same system so it’s something we have come up against before.

“Hopefully it’s something we are half used to, mind you by looking at the scores that they are conceding in every game, maybe they are that bit step ahead of anything in Louth,” he said.

Throw in Sunday is 1.30 in Drogheda and we have Full Commentary of the game.

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