Mullinavat Minors looking forward to the big occasion

By Michael O’Leary

Mullinavat Minor Roinn B manager Mick Law¬†says it’s important the players keep themselves grounded rather than let the occasion get to them.

Speaking to KCLR ahead of Sunday’s County Final showdown with Dunnammaggin, Mick says its a big day for the lads.

“I suppose like everyone, Minors are no different to anyone else, they all have a little bit of nerves and then probably a lot of them chaps never played in Nowlan Park before so playing in Nowlan Park in front of a bigger crowd it’s a small little thing.

“But it’s our job to keep their feet on the ground and keep them level headed and I hope the big occasion don’t pass them by and that’s the main thing, and that’s all we can do for them really and hopefully enjoy the game,” he said.