McCarthy feels new structure makes it easier to get over setbacks

Justin also feels that the Football outcome should have been looked at before the Hurling structure was introduced

Former Cork and Waterford Senior hurling manager Justin McCarthy says the new look round robin structure Championships will make it easier to get over setbacks.

Speaking exclusively to KCLR ahead of this weekend’s Justin says it will be easier for players to focus despite the hectic schedule.

“It will be hard to recover from it and it is hard for a management and people in charge to try and piece the whole thing together and keep fresh and keep fit, but it’s doable providing people are sensible about it.

“You will have less training, you will have more recovery and you will probably get over setbacks quicker because you won’t have time to think.

“It’s interesting, it wouldn’t be my first choice, I’d felt they should have left it alone and probably see out football first and maybe take it two or three years down the road,” he said.