Marble City Hawks Basketballer Aine Sheehy talks us through the key to their success this year

They have had a fantastic season

Marble City Hawks Basketball player Aine Sheehy says their work-rate was a huge factor in their progression this season which has seen them promoted to the Superleague for next season.

Speaking to KCLR after Saturday’s League Cup Final, Aine says they were delighted with how successful the season has gone.

“Unbelievably enjoyable season. It’s just a real team and everybody works for each other and plays for each other and gives everything a 100% on the court in every single game we have performed.

“That’s what’s basically gotten us through the season and in the league itself, we only lost one game so we went for 12 games and won 11 it was just huge.

“It was just literally the work-rate and the talent that was beside us as well so really really delighted with the season,” she said.

Listen back to the full interview below.

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