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LIVE: Drive For Liam Radio Quiz 2019 (Questions & Answers)

The biggest radio quiz in the land is taking place on Tuesday night

The Drive For Liam Radio Quiz is back and live on KCLR this Tuesday night.

With over 40 venues hosting hundreds of hopefuls in search of All-Ireland tickets, we’re going live at 9pm with all the questions.

If you want to play along at home – we’ve got you sorted with the questions (and answers) below.

We’ll be updating this page with the questions and rounds as they happen.

This year’s quiz is brought to you on air with thanks to Callan Truck Parts.

Round One

  1. Who was the last Kilkenny Captain to receive the McCarthy Cup?
  2. In what county is Ballybofey?
  3. Name the Fair City actor who played Robbie Quinn and who died last month?
  4. What is the name of Eoin Larkin’s forthcoming book?
  5. Who is Donald Trump’s present wife’s first name?
  6. What is the third largest county in Ireland?

Round One Audio Question… Here in my heart was the first UK number one hit single. But who was the singer?

Round Two

  1. Who are the current Kilkenny MH “A” Champions?
  2. Name the Limerick man who won “Love Island” 2019?
  3. In which Irish county is Coill Dubh GAA club?
  4. If 11 teams enter a championship, how many teams get a bye?
  5. When did Dublin last win the All Ireland SH Final?
  6. Who is the current Wexford Senior Hurling goalkeeper?

Audio:This is Blue Moon, number one in May 1961 – but who’s the group?

Round Three

  1. In what county is Abbeyfeale?
  2. Name the current All Ireland SF Club Champions?
  3. What is the constituency of the TD Maria Bailey of the controversial “swing” case?
  4. What river flows through Kilcullen?
  5. Who defeated Serena Williams in this year’s Wimbledon Women’s Final?
  6. Name the English village recently endangered by its reservoir Dam?

Audio: Rock My Amadeus was a number one in 1986, but who’s the performer?

Round Four

  1. Who is the current Tipperary SH Captain?
  2. This year’s Tour de France winner, Egan Bernal, is a native of what country?
  3. Spell Scythe. (Implement used to cut grass)
  4. Of the three Apollo 11 astronauts, Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, which one remained in the command module?
  5. What is the only one-word anagram of ROASTING?
  6. In which county will the 2019 National Ploughing Championships be held?

Audio: Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the track, but who are the band?

Round Five

  1. Of the following current Kilkenny SH panellists – James Maher, John Donnelly, Liam Blanchfield and Richie Leahy who is the only 2016 panellist?
  2. For which Offaly SF club did the famous Lowry brothers (Shane’s relations) play?
  3. Name the horse on which Davy Russell won successive Aintree Grand Nationals (2018, 2019)
  4. How many US States begin with the word “New”?
  5. Naomi Long is the Leader of which Northern Ireland party?
  6. Where is the next FIFA World Cup scheduled to take place?

Audio: JCB is the song from 2005, but who’s the performer?

Round Six

  1. Who was runner-up to Shane Lowry in the 2019 British Open?
  2. On the Carlow county jersey, which colour is on top?
  3. If a “spideóg” is a robin what is a “dreoilín”?
  4. How many different counties did Kilkenny beat in All Ireland Finals in the Cody era?
  5. Winston Churchill won the Nobel Prize for what?
  6. Arlene Foster comes from which Ulster County (she went to see them play in an Ulster Final)?

Audio: (Question incoming)

Answers: Round One

  1. Joey Holden (2015)
  2. Donegal
  3. Karl Shiels
  4. Camouflage
  5. Melania
  6. Mayo
  7. Audio question: Al Martino

Answers: Round Two

  1. Mooncoin
  2. Greg O’Shea
  3. Kildare
  4. Five
  5. 1938
  6. Mark Fanning
  7. Audio question: The Marcels

Answers: Round Three

  1. Limerick
  2. Corofin (Galway)
  3. Dun Laoghaire
  4. Liffey
  5. Simona Halep
  6. Whaley Bridge.
  7. Audio: Falco (the band)

Answers: Round Four

  1. Séamus Callanan
  2. Colombia
  4. Collins (Michael)
  5. Organist
  6. Carlow
  7. Audio: Deep Blue Something

Answers: Round Five

  1. Liam Blanchfield
  2. Ferbane
  3. Tiger Roll
  4. Four – (New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico)
  5. Alliance
  6. Qatar
  7. Audio: Nizlopi

Answers: Round Six

  1. Tommy Fleetwood
  2. Red
  3. Wren
  4. Seven (Offaly, Clare, Cork, Limerick, Waterford, Tipperary and Galway.)
  5. Literature
  6. Fermanagh
  7. Audio: January was the song… Pilot was the band.

Ken McGuire

A life-long Liverpool supporter and lover of hurling and local rugby, Ken writes and shoots for KCLR Fanzone and presents KCLR Drive, weekdays 3-5.30pm. He rambles about food too at
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