Listen: John Maye speaks to KCLR about local representation for European Athletics Championships

Kilkenny City Harriers Athletic Club Coach John Maye says it’s an amazing experience for the young athletes to be competing at a major international Championship.

There are a host local Athletes from Kilkenny and Carlow Clubs competing at the upcoming European Under-20 and Under-23 Championships with Molly Scott the latest athlete to be selected, and speaking to KCLR, John says the Championships are a great opportunity for young up and coming athletes to make the transition to Senior level.

“I know certainly in my own club KCH, we are working very hard to try and ensure that these high performing underage International and National level representatives that we are really going to try and help them as much as we can to transition onto the next stage again so it’s a great experience, it’s a higher level of competition.

“I know myself from having traveled out to some of these Championships, the expectations of officialdom and just some of that stuff, it can be brand new to Irish Athletes when they get out there and it’s an amazing experience,” said Maye.

Full interview below