Listen: Gerry McGovern ahead of annual charity cycle

Marble City Cyclers Committee member Gerry McGovern says there is a strong emphasis on the Charity aspect for their annual cycle.

Speaking to KCLR ahead of their upcoming event, Gerry outlined some of the charities who benefit from the event.

“This year we are helping the Samaritans in Kilkenny, we are helping the Irish Pilgrim trust which is run by Fr. Dan Carroll in St. Pats Parish.

“We also help Thomastown Kindergarten and also there is a special school in Slieverue called Jonas Special School which we provide a lot of assistance.

“People like to help out charities and when they are paying a fee, we charge 30 euro for an online application for the event. Infact, Marble City Cyclers as a Club gets nothing out of the event, we just cover the costs and everything else goes to charity,” he said.

Full Interview below.