Listen: Evergreen’s Packie Holden reflects on a very successful season for the club

Evergreen Player-Manager Packie Holden says there are lots of decisions to be made on and off the pitch ahead of next season following a marathon long season that lasted almost a full year.

Speaking to KCLR after securing the Premier Division crown, Packie says that the season has taken it’s toll and it’s not just on the football pitch.

“I think we are on the road maybe 47 weeks at the moment. I think we went back training in the 2nd week in July last year and we are into June again this year so it takes it’s toll.

It takes it’s toll not only on your bodies, but on your family life. I don’t think people realize the commitment that the players put in to take 11 months out of the year and committing to football the way the boys have so next year will look after itself.

“There are a lot of decisions to be made on and off the pitch. Sit down with the club and see what their plans are and then see whether I have the stomach to come back next year.”

Packie is also confident that Sean will be a success at Preston.

He added that if Maguire replicates the same success at Preston as he has had at Cork City, he will definitely get a call-up to the International Squad.

“Seanie has been the standout player in the League of Ireland for the last 18 months, two years and it will have to take a move to England to impress the Senior management, that’s the way it is.

“But I am sure that if he can replicate the form that he has shown with Cork City in England that he will get his chance.

“If you look at Daryl Horgan and Andy Boyle, that’s what it took for them to get their call-ups and obviously that’s the standard that Martin O’Neill demands, who’s to say the man is wrong.

“If he feels that by going to England is going to give him the best chance of been successful and no better man than Seanie to take his chance,” he said.

Listen to the full interview below