Lisdowney Sevens getting stronger every year says Tom O’Carroll

The event is coming up soon

Tom O’Carroll says the fact that the Lisdowney 7’s has been going on so long indicates how attractive an tournament is.

Speaking to KCLR, Tom says the tournament keeps getting stronger each year.

He said “38 years and that’s a testament to how attractive a competition is that it’s been going this long, I’m not sure how many other competitions around the country have survived that long and it’s probably getting better and better”.

Stephen Byrne

Stephen Byrne is the Head of Sport and News in KCLR96FM. He's an avid rugby fan and can be seen frequenting Leinster and local clubs games. He loves his GAA too and is a former hurler and footballer and stood between the posts for his home club of Kiltegan for many years. He's also a Man U fan for his troubles and shouts for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.
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