Limerick are the best team in the country according to Cody

A semi final clash awaits Kilkenny on July 27th

“We are in the semi final and we are very happy to be there that’s a terrific challenge for us to face”

Kilkenny are set to appear in the last four for the first time in three years after they defeated Cork in the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Quarter-final on Sunday.

Next up for The cats is a huge test against last year’s All Ireland winners Limerick . Cody believes that The Shannonsider’s are the best team in the country , admitting that it will be a terrific challenge for TJ Reid and Co to face

“From the frying pan into the fire job, we are acutely aware we are playing the best team in the country, they were the best team in the country last year because they were in the All Ireland final, but even more so now as they won the league and their form the last day was exceptional”.

“They are everyone’s strong favourite to come out on top, not just the next game, but with eventual overall honours”.

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