Kittens To Cats

Kittens To Cats Part 6: Henry Shefflin

Henry Shefflin is our final Cat to be grilled by a Kitten and in this instance it’s Henry’s 7-year-old daughter Sadhbh putting him through his paces (maybe with a little help from her mammy).

Henry talks All-Ireland memories, hurling idols, whether JJ Delaney is in fact the best analyst on TV, whether he likes taking down the Christmas tree – certain things only a daughter could ask her daddy!

A huge thanks to all the hurlers and budding sports journalists who took part across the week, we’ve had a blast putting it all together. If you missed the series, be sure to check out the sounds and sights of David Herity, Aidan Taggy Fogarty, JJ Delaney, Brian Hogan and Tullaroan’s Tommy Walsh.

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