Kittens To Cats

Kittens To Cats Part 2: Aidan ‘Taggy’ Fogarty

You’ve already seen Taggy’s promo clip, but here’s what actually went on the former senior Kilkenny hurler dropped into KCLR’s Studio 2 for Kittens To Cats. The series airs all this week on air from 6pm as part of The Way It Is. Check out David Herity’s piece yesterday.

In the second installment, seven year old Emerald’s GAA member Cormac Joyce gets to interview Aidan Fogarty who departed the Kilkenny senior panel last year after over a decade at the top level of the sport.

You’ll get the background to Taggy’s career starting out, memories along the way all through to what’d he’d do if he won the Euromillions and if he could actually hit the backside of a pig with a shovel.

A huge thanks to Taggy for coming in and being such a good sport about the interview, and to Cormac for all the questions.

Watch the video above, then for a few extra questions, check out the full audio segment below.