Kilkenny’s Paul Murphy loving the battle to get back to the All Ireland Final

Paul says they've had to fight their way through a tough championship

Kilkenny Senior Defender Paul Murphy says that having to earn the right to get back into the All-Ireland Final makes it all the more worthwhile.

Speaking to KCLR ahead of Sunday’s showdown against Tipperary, Paul says that they love the battle in having to fight their way in a highly competitive Championship.

He said “A huge journey yeah. It’s part and parcel of it. Probably makes it that bit more sweeter that you have to fight in so many matches”.

“You have had your ups and down throughout the year and throughout the last few years as well but that’s what makes it so special”.

Paul said “It would be very easy if it was just a case of turn up, win and walk away into an All-Ireland Final that’s not the case anymore, but we are really fighting hard but you love the journey, you love the journey of fighting, you don’t know what’s going to happen on any given day, but here we are and it’s just absolutely brilliant”.

Stephen Byrne

Stephen Byrne is the Head of Sport and News in KCLR96FM. He's an avid rugby fan and can be seen frequenting Leinster and local clubs games. He loves his GAA too and is a former hurler and footballer and stood between the posts for his home club of Kiltegan for many years. He's also a Man U fan for his troubles and shouts for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.
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