Kilkenny Oscar Traynor manager looking to restore past glories in the competition

Kilkenny & District League Oscar Traynor joint manager Jim Cashin says Kilkenny will be looking to restore past glories in the competition in which they had a strong tradition.

Speaking to KCLR ahead of Saturday’s game away to the Leinster League, Jim says his joint manager Jim Nugent has a great record in the competition…..

“And Kilkenny have a very proud tradition in the Oscar Traynor”

“I mean like Jim Nugent himself that is doing it with me, he has four Oscar Traynor winners medals on the field of play I think and I believe he is the only man in Ireland to have that”

“There was a golden era there over the last 14 or 15 years that Kilkenny have traditionally been always strong in the Oscar Traynor. It has died a death a little bit in the last few years but we are hoping to reignite it this year and that’s all”