Kilkenny Intermediate Manager is unsure if the competition is sustainable

Kilkenny Intermediate Hurling manager Anthony McCormack says the Intermediate hurling competition is probably not sustainable in it’s current format.

Speaking to KCLR after the Leinster Final victory over Wexford, Anthony says the layout of the competition needs to be changed.

“In terms of looking at the big picture, it maybe needs to be opened up to Senior club players as well and use it as a reserve competition so that you are getting more teams involved and then teams can do what they like.

“They can put out Under-21s or they can put out their Under-21 B Team or a development squad or whatever but it’s probably not sustainable in it’s current format I’d imagine and something would be looked at this year as whether it’s maybe abolished or changed.

“But I would imagine something is going to be looked at this year because certainly with all the Munster Teams pulling out of it, it’s not as strong as it used to be anyway,” he said.