“Kilkenny hurling is in safe hands” says Brian Cody when asked about his future

Kilkenny manager Brian Cody says that regardless of his future, Kilkenny hurling is in safe hands.

He was asked about his plans after Kilkenny exited the Championship at the weekend.

He says his future as Kilkenny Senior manager is irrelevant…..

“If I am still around in November, it probably will be alright I’d say yeah and the plan is to be around for sure, so my future is totally irrelevant and the future of Kilkenny hurling is very very secure”

“What has continued to be steadfast is Kilkenny hurling, it’s made up of individuals but it’s not about individuals, it’s about what the team is and what the team has and it’s about what we stand for and everything else”

“Everybody who wears a Kilkenny jersey stands for what is very very solid”