Kilkenny host their first European Song Moo Kwan Conference this weekend

The first European Song Moo Kwan Conference will be held in Kilkenny from the 22nd till the 24th of April 2016.

Kilkenny Taekwondo Club became officially affiliated to this Original Taekwondo Kwan in September 2015 when Grand Master Guy Jones passed his test for 8th Dan winning a place on the World Song Moo Kwan board of Grand Masters.

On Saturday the 23rd All Affiliates in Ireland Masters and students will attend a training session from 12:00 noon till 6:00Pm at the Ormonde Hotel.

The seminar is a unique opportunity to train with one of the most respected names in the World of Korean Martial Arts Senior Grand Master Ro.

Ro’s father established the first Martial arts school in Korea in 1944 and became known as the father of Taekwondo.

SGM Ro will be conducting the Seminar along with Masters from Korean, Cyprus, Italy,France, Morocco, the USA and United Kingdom.

The Irish Clubs taking part in this event are: Kilkenny Taekwondo Club, SMK Ireland of Meath, Red Cross Taekwondo of Wicklow and One Art SMK of Wexford and a group from Kilkenny’s St John Junior School.