Kilkenny athlete Eoin Everard competes against Mo Farah

Kilkenny City Harriers athlete Eoin Everard was delighted with the great experience he enjoyed when running against Mo Farah in an International race in America last week.

Speaking to KCLR on last nights “The way it is”, Eoin says running against an athlete of Farah’s calibre helped him raise his game.

“The fact that you get to do a good race beside him was brilliant and I was delighted I didn’t embarrass myself.

“I think I am now ranked number 8 in Europe regards time at the start of the season, so sometimes you just raise your game when your racing against good lads and they drag you along.

“I was absolutely delighted and as I said  you don’t think you will get a chance to race these guys that often so when it came up, it was a great experience,” he concluded.