KCLR McCalmont Cup Results Roundup Easter weekend

With the draw for the next round of the KCLR McCalmont Cup scheduled for 2.30pm in studio this Saturday, here’s the latest round of results for Easter weekend 2017.

DateTeam 1ScoreTeam 2
12/4/17Evergreen FC C2-4Highview Athletic A
14/4/17Evergreen FC B1-7Stoneyford United
16/4/17Lions AFC A0-6Thomastown United A
16/4/17Highview Athletic B0-3Freebooters AFC A
16/4/17Evergreen FC 465-2Newpark AFC
16/4/17Deen Celtic A3-1Freebooters AFC B
16/4/17Bridge United4-1Callan United B

Catch the draw live this Saturday on Scoreline for 2.30pm.