Jordan delighted as Kyle and Katie bring home six World Championship medals

It's some achievement from the one family

Pat Jordan of Kilfane Handball Club says it’s unbelievable that his son Kyle and daughter Katie won 6 Gold Medals between them at the World Handball Championships in Minneapolis.

Speaking to KCLR, Pat says the duo had a busy schedule which secured global success.

“It’s an unbelievable feeling like for them anyway, I mean they put up a great display.

“Kyle had to play his Singles Sunday morning at 8am and then he won that.

“It was a great game, but he had to go in and play his doubles straight away after that like so I am delighted with him, and Katie was up then straight away at the end of Kyles game.

“Katie was in the alley playing her singles and she won and it was a good display from her doubles partner which she ended up meeting in the final like so Katie was delighted and she has two Gold Medals as well,” said Pat.

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