John Lockes Management stress the need for concentration ahead of Leinster Final

John Lockes Callan Junior Hurling manager Adrian O’Sullivan doesn’t think Kilkenny’s dominance in the Leinster Junior Club Championship makes them favorites for tomorrow’s Leinster Final in Wexford Park.

Speaking to KCLR, Adrian says their concentration levels need to be 100%

“We got to the Leinster Championship and then we won convincingly in 2010. I don’t know if it’s going us to make us favorites.

“We will give respect to St. Mogues and we won’t take anything for granted.

“Complacency is out the window for us, we have our feet firmly on the ground .

“Lisdowney didn’t do that a couple of years ago and when you take your eye off the ball that happens, so our concentration levels tomorrow have to be at 100% so I am really looking forward to it,” he said.