Irish running legend Jerry Kiernan says Carlow man Marcus Lawler has huge potential

Jerry says that Paul Hession's view of the Carlow native convinces him of his potential

Former Olympic runner Jerry Kiernan says that Carlow man Marcus Lawler unquestionably has the potential to deliver and perform on the big stage despite not making an impact in major Championships.

Jerry says that Paul Hession’s view of the Carlow native convinces him of his potential.

Speaking exclusively to KCLR Jerry said “When you look at how fast he ran over 200 metres last Summer, you would have to say that he has great potential. Paul Hession who has the Irish record for 200 metres reckons that he has got great potential, and when Paul says that, that’s enough for me”.

He said “People are not machines. You can turn up one day, and you run very very fast in Marcus’s case a fast 200 and three weeks later, maybe the edge is gone off for whatever reason, but when you run as fast as he did over the Summer time, the bottom line is he has the potential, well you are judged by how you run in Championships, but there is no question the talent is there, there is no question at all”.

Stephen Byrne

Stephen Byrne is the Head of Sport and News in KCLR96FM. He's an avid rugby fan and can be seen frequenting Leinster and local clubs games. He loves his GAA too and is a former hurler and footballer and stood between the posts for his home club of Kiltegan for many years. He's also a Man U fan for his troubles and shouts for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.
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