Holohan happy with how his own personal season has gone at Galway

Gavan Holohan says he has no regrets of leaving Cork City and playing for Galway United this season.

Both clubs endured contrasting fortunes this season, but speaking exclusively to KCLR, Gavin strongly feels he progressed this year.

“I get asked this question a lot and people are probably a bit shocked to hear my response, but I genuinely can say I haven’t had one regret this season.

“I know it’s hard to actually believe that given that we have just been relegated, but I really enjoyed the season, I was a main figure, I was playing week in week out, I was back enjoying my football, getting my confidence back and it’s definitely a move that has kind of helped me take a couple of steps forward instead of a couple steps back so I can genuinely say now I don’t have any regrets,” he said.

Gavan added that hat the absence of fellow Kilkenny man Seani Maguire was one of the main reasons why his former club Cork City took so long to wrap up the League title.

Speaking to KCLR, Gavan says that losing a player of that calibre is hard to replace.

And he added that Cork lacked the go to man when Seani left for Preston.