Fourmany! Sweden must eat some humble (pewdie)pie after German performance

Another goal riot set Germans up with semi final clash against Finland

Four-dimensional means that something has an extra dimension as well as length, width and depth. For the scientist, this is usually the dimension of time, where space and time are thought of as part of the same continuum.Germany seem to create space and time on the ball out of no where. Sweden and manager Stephen Meany are a good combination, infact they are very good, but how can you counteract a team that just seems to have an extra dimension?

Take the German first goal inside the first ten minutes as an example. How does a football team move like a flock of birds in formation up the pitch, side way passing while still creating space for someone to get a shot off? It doesn’t make sense in the realms of football, it was a move like what you would see in rugby. Haivertz blasted the ball in the roof of the net, to allow the Germans to take the lead.

Sweden looked like they were confused as to the best way to counter this ferocious German team. You push forward you create more space for the likes of Werner and Reus, you sit back and you invite those very players right into your zone. Either way the Germans would not care, they were going to play whatever way they wanted. Constantly searching for that second goal which finally game on the stroke of half time. Werner providing the assist for Reus, a half volley later and the German’s had doubled their lead.

The second half, things did not get any better for the Swedes, Reus cracked the ball off the post, Werner skipped the ball over defenders heads gleefully and then on the 70th minute Werner put his name on the scoresheet. Another Reus goal before the game came to a halt seen Germany win by four in a fairly uneven contest.

Germany have more Scandinavian opposition to look forward to in the shape of the unassuming Finland. Finland seem to strive on their underdog status, a title which has never been more true now.

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