Former Limerick forward Quigley feels Walter Walsh’s availability could be a game changer

Damien thinks that it's a concern for Kilkenny

Former Limerick Senior forward Damien Quigley says it’s a huge blow to Kilkenny if Walter Walsh is ruled on Sunday’s All-Ireland Quarter-Final clash.

Speaking to KCLR, Damien says that is Kilkenny’s biggest concern rather than playing in action for the 3rd consecutive week.

“I do think that kind of when it’s knockout as this weekend is kind of you have to give it a right lash.

“What I do think may go against them is if Walter Walsh isn’t fit.

“I mean Richie Hogan is clearly getting back to something like his best, he was magnificent in the 2nd half the last day and if Kilkenny had all their artillery on the field, it would be a very different game, but if Walsh is injured and doesn’t play, I think that’s certainly a help on our side,” he said.