Former Kilkenny Manager Kevin Fennelly doesn’t agree with the Mark Coleman/Tommy Walsh comparison

Former Kilkenny Senior manager Kevin Fennelly says that John Mullane is getting carried away by suggesting that Cork wing-back Mark Coleman was as good as Tommy Walsh.

John made the comments while on Radio Commentary for last Sunday’s Munster Final, and speaking to KCLR, Kevin says that the former Waterford hurler should be more careful with his comments.

“John is going ahead of himself here. Like I mean, Tommy Walsh with his pocket full of All-Ireland medals and all his wonderful performances in Croke Park I mean, I would be very slow to compare anyone with Tommy Walsh.

“John ate humble pie a small bit in the paper last week like, I mean his comments when Kilkenny were put into the qualifiers, everybody would love to meet Kilkenny and then when Waterford did meet him again, he slightly pulled back on that.

“So when fellows were making comments on those papers and talk, they need to be more careful like,” said Fennelly.