Former Kilkenny College student aims for PRO 12 glory with Munster

Munster Rugby Player Robin Copeland says they have a massive motivation to win the Pro-12 Final to honor Anthony Foley.

Robin is a former Kilkenny College student and speaking to KCLR ahead of Saturday’s Final against the Scarlets, Robin says that Munster are a club that always expected the highest standards.

“We have a massive motivation. This is a club that expects the highest standards and when I first came over here from Cardiff, that was the first thing that I noticed was just that mentality of we are going out to win everything.

“I was kind of a bit taken back by it that, I was like guys you can’t aim to win everything like that’s just not realistic, and they were like well we do, that’s what we do here and I was like ok, I will buy into that pretty quickly.

They set a standard and everyone buys into it and nothing but a win on the day will do.”