Evergreen not looking at Leinster Senior Cup as a priority

By Michael O’Leary

Evergreen Football Manager Gary Maher says the Leinster Senior Cup is not as important in terms of priority as the Leinster and FAI Junior Cup.

Speaking to KCLR ahead of Sunday’s Leinster Senior Cup game at home to Usher Celtic, Gary says they may make changes with an FAI Cup game the following weekend.

“Ah sure look, it’s something that we would like to go far, but in the list of priorities, it’s probably not as high as Leinster Juniors and FAIs.

“Leinster Junior and FAI are priority that we want to be on the tail end of those competitions. Leinster Senior Cup comes in the way I suppose.

“While you like to be there at the later stages and get the chance against the League of Ireland clubs but early on it’s probably not priority at the moment but as they come, we take it week in week out.

“If they are put out a very strong team we will do that, if they are not, if we need to rest players looking at ties coming up in the FAI we have a tie in the FAI on Sunday week so we will have to face the squad after Friday night and see how seriously we want to take it,” he said.

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