Evergreen FC playing catch up with fixtures in Kilkenny

The side are in FAI Junior Cup action at home to Cappry Rovers of Donegal this weekend

Evergreen A manager Gary Maher admits that having a lot of League fixtures to catch-up on in the weeks and months later is a concern as they chase silverware both locally and in outside competitions.

Speaking to KCLR ahead of Sunday’s FAI Junior Cup clash at home to Cappry Rovers of Donegal, Gary says he has full confidence in the squad to deal with potential fixture congestion…..

“Our League form I suppose is a little niggle on the back of the mind. We are at the stage now where it’s mid-January and we still have only one League match played at this stage so that’s a slight bit of concern at this stage and by the time we might get to play a League match again, it could be the 27th of January where the other teams, the least we have ahead of us is 6 games played ahead for us so at least we have five games to catch up on the League, and by the time we have finished the National competitions that could be more, that’s a little bit of concern, but we have a lot of catch-up”

“We have full confidence in our squad, we have a unique bunch of players who are really close together and play on in Dylan’s(Whearty) memory and we want to try and do something unique this season”

Stephen Byrne

Stephen Byrne is the Head of Sport and News in KCLR96FM. He's an avid rugby fan and can be seen frequenting Leinster and local clubs games. He loves his GAA too and is a former hurler and footballer and stood between the posts for his home club of Kiltegan for many years. He's also a Man U fan for his troubles and shouts for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.
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