Erins Own manager Eamonn Phelan aware of task of facing his home club in League

Erins Own Castlecomer Senior Hurling manager Eamonn Phelan says that Tommy Shefflin has installed a self-belief to Carrickshock that was missing previously.

Speaking to KCLR, ahead of Saturday evening’s game, Eamonn is well aware of the challenge of what their opponents are going to provide….

“I am a Carrickshock man myself so I know what Carrickshock are going to bring”

“It’s a massive game for both clubs, this will determine a lot of where we are going to be with the season so I know Carrickshock are going to come and give a 150%”

“He’s had success then on the back of success, everyone has brought into it, there are 30-35 lads on the field”

“They are one probably one of the only few clubs around at the minute that can say that they have 30-35 lads. I know ourselves we never had more than 24 or 25 in the field. Success brings a bit of confidence, so Tommy is doing a good job fair play to him”