Eire Og will have to deal with a scrappy battle against Rathvilly in County Final replay

Former Eire Og Senior goalkeeper John Kearns says that Eire Og will have to learn how to deal with a scrappy battle in Sunday’s County Senior Final replay against Rathvilly.

Speaking to KCLR, John says the expected underfoot conditions will make Rathvilly even harder to beat…..

“Eire Og have always been known I suppose as a Football Team as such. When it kind of comes to kind of scrappy kind of battles it probably doesn’t suit them overall in some ways”

“Where like Rathvilly like I have said before over the years have always been kind of battle warriors as such and they have always been any kind of scrappy kind of game it probably suits them better to a degree, it makes them even harder to beat and they are to hard beat anytime so like the game the last time, it wasn’t the best game, but the fact it was kind of close, the excitement took away from the quality of the game so hopefully we will have a better game on Sunday”