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Eddie Brennan – “Its all about the players”

The O'Moore's journey comes to an end

A fairytale summer is over.

A defeat last weekend to Tipperary sent Laois out of the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship. However the county can be proud of their men , reaching the last six in the country was arguably their greatest hurling achievement since defeating Wexford in the 1985 Leinster final.

In a season which included a Joe McDonagh cup and a historic victory against Dublin , alot of plaudits have been heaped upon Manager Eddie Brennan and Niall Corcoran. Brennan was modest as he was quick to point out all the work done by his players.

He said “Its all about the players, and it always will be, it’s our job to get the players ready for everything they are going to experience on the field, that’s the reality”.

“ But they experience everything in training, in the gym, in practice, it prepared them for the rigours of the championship, but to a man, I take my hat off to them, they were brilliant and represent everything good about laois hurling”.

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