Show Jumping

Doyle says great experience was had by daughter Hannah at Dublin Horse Show

Hannah was competing on her own horse last week

Mary Doyle says her daughter Hannah had a great experience in competing at the Dublin Horse Show on her own horse last week.

Hannah is from Muckalee, and speaking to KCLR on yesterday’s Sunday Scoreline, her Mum Mary explained the competition procedure she had to undertake.

“There was two parts to the competition. There was a part on Wednesday evening where she had to jump a course of 6 jumps.

“The particular competition she was in was a small event horse and on that particular evening, Wednesday evening, it was to check the horse for flexiblity, balance and rhythm and she kept up those 6 jumps and she was happy with that.

“Then Thursday morning, she had to jump a course of 24 jumps in the main arena and 6 of those were Showjumps and they were knockable.

“Unfortunately, she had one of them down, but it was only one and she jumped the rest of them very very well and it had to be in within a certain time as well which she also did,” she said.

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