“Dicksboro will look to Cillian Buckley to lead the way” says JJ Delaney

Former Kilkenny defender JJ Delaney says that Dicksboro will look to Cillian Buckley to lead the way into a first County Senior Final since 2012.

Dicksboro play O’Loughlin Gaels in Sunday’s County Senior Semi-Final and JJ says that Dicksboro are starting to get it right at Senior level…..

“Yeah, your kind of waiting for the Boro to maybe step up to the mark really more than anything and all the signs this year is that they are getting everything right as well so it’s not a fluke that they are there”

“They are winning at underage, Minors and Under-21s and they are always competitive in them grades as well so it was only a matter of time before they got it together, and with Cillian Buckley probably hurling the best form of his life there as well even with Kilkenny earlier on in the Summer, he had a brilliant year as well and all-star nomination everything like that as well so he is kind of the leader of that particular team there as well so they will look to him to fight the fight now come Sunday”