“Criticism of gaa players on social media should be restricted” – James Hickey

Former Mount Leinster Rangers Hurler James Hickey says that the criticism on GAA players on Social Media should be restricted.

Speaking to KCLR on Sunday Scoreline, James says that GAA players are making plenty of sacrifices and that the abuse in which some players are getting is uncalled for….

“You could go out and play a bad game and look you get criticized in your local club and that. If your an Inter-County hurler, footballer now, Social Media has a license to go to town on you”

“I would like to see that restricted a bit, because these are only human beings. They lock themselves up, they go training three nights a week, they are in the gym a couple of nights a week, they play matches at the weekend, they are not going out on the beer, they are not socializing, because it’s not part of the culture of a sports person”