Carrickshock looking for a panel effort to push for progress at Senior

Carrickshock are aiming to take things up a notch this year

Carrickshock Vice-Chairperson Ollie Roche says the County Championship will come down to the strongest panels especially with all the games coming so close together.

Speaking to KCLR ahead of Sunday’s clash against Mullinavat, Ollie says the tight schedule will make squad rotation compulsory.

“I suppose it’s really going to boil down to whichever team has the strongest panel.

“Every team is going to be tried from 1-36 I suppose if some panels are as big as that.

“It is going to be nearly the battle of the fittest I suppose really.

“Whoever can take all these games and put their victories together are going to be the ones to keep an eye on,” he said.