Carlow gears up for annual Stages Rally

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed and were now facing into the eagerly anticipated Carlow Stages Rally again this coming Sunday the 7th of May.

The event is one of the most exciting rallies on the Irish Motorsport calendar with people coming from the four corners of the country for the scent of petrol and in particular to see all the Mark 2 Escorts go hammer and thongs to win the Mark 2 Challenge.

As always a lot of organisation has gone into the event from those involved with the Carlow Car Club, and there are many unsung hero’s who have made it what it is today.

Leading contender David Condell says this years Mark 2 Challenge for the Carlow Stages Rally will be very competitive.

Speaking to KCLR, David says the 40 year-old cars need to be taken very seriously.

“They are 40-year-old cars, now those are vehicles that they do have to be looked up to and how competitive they are. If you get the proper day and the proper stage, they will come out on top.

“The effort that has been put in to building them to the respect that they are built now, they are not obviously 40-year-old cars as in sitting there from day and not been modified or touched, but there is a big following and a big interest in the Mark 2 challenge to be fair to it and it’s probably a small bit disappointing that their wasn’t a few more, but look in fairness the number that is there, it’s very competitive.”

Listen to the full interview below.


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