Carlow Footballer John Murphy “unsure” of what strategy will be used against Dublin

We have live commentary of the game on Saturday with thanks to Flynns Carlow Nissan

Carlow Senior Footballer John Murphy says that his teammates Brendan Murphy and Paul Broderick are two of the top footballers in the country.

Speaking to KCLR ahead of Saturday evening’s clash against Dublin, John says they are unsure what strategy they are to apply for Saturday’s game…..

“It should be like a fantastic occasion like especially when say you have the likes of Brendan (Murphy) and Paul Broderick”

“They are two of the best in the country and you hear all the talk say about David Moran and Brian Fenton and how they are the best in the country like, but Brendan is as good if not better like and has just never pitted themselves against them guys so if you do push up and they can kind of kick it over you and then you could be exposed at the back or do you let them have the ball and try and have faith in your system and break them down that way”

“I am not sure what the strategy is going to be ahead of it, but it’s interesting, it’s gas. You talk to people and everyone seems to have an opinion as to how to beat the Dubs”